Changes To Administrative Structure

TO: The Gonzaga University Community
FROM: Thayne M. McCulloh, Ph.D.
SUBJ: Changes To Administrative Structure
DATE: September 16, 2010

Over the course of the past summer, I introduced a number of changes in divisional reporting relationships.  While I have endeavored to communicate these as they became effective, I have not summarized the changes in a way that allows everyone to see impact of them on the overall structure.  This memorandum attempts to do so. Attached to this message is a simplified, major divisional organizational chart which reflects the following changes effective as of Academic Year 2010-11:

  1. Our new Academic Vice President, Dr. Patricia O’Connell Killen, has responsibility for all matters that relate to the academic life of the institution, which includes work with the deans, Faculty Senate, Trustees and Regents, and academic administrative departments. Dr. Killen’s extensive academic and administrative background will be of tremendous benefit as we continue to explore ways of increasing support for programs and improving academic excellence across the institution.  I also anticipate a good deal of cross-divisional collaboration on numerous functional aspects, including institutional research, technology support, and resource management.

  2. The appointment of Marty Martin into the newly-developed position of Executive Vice President allows us to bring a number of university administrative, operational, and business support departments together under one division.  Previously, these departments were spread between the VP for Administration & Planning and the VP for Finance.  It is my belief that EVP Martin’s background and perspective, coupled with potential synergies and opportunities for coordination between departments, will meaningfully improve effectiveness and efficiency across our key administrative areas.

  3. The contemporary reality we now face as an organization places tremendous pressure on available resources and the need to intensify our resource allocation and risk management activities.  As we prepare in earnest for our upcoming fundraising campaign, we will need to pay greater attention to investment options, as well as new capital projects.  For this reason, I have asked our VP for Finance, Chuck Murphy, to focus his energies on these initiatives and to have certain functional areas (such as Plant & Construction Services, University Bookstore and Athletics, which have been assigned to Chuck for oversight with previous staff changes), to report elsewhere.

  4. Our recent (November 2009) Athletics’ recertification process made clear the NCAA’s desire to see the Athletics area report directly to the president.  The prominence, resource requirements, and high visibility of Division I intercollegiate athletics is such that both the NCAA and the WCC stipulate direct knowledge about, and control over, athletic affairs by the chief executive officer.  Thus, Athletics is now reporting directly to the president.

  5. Earlier in the summer, I asked University Ministry to shift its reporting such that for the current year, University Ministry is located within the Division of Student Life.

The organization chart does not go into great detail about the current organizational structure; it is merely intended to serve as general information about it, with further detail available from my office or Human Resources as occasion might require. I anticipate there may be further changes as the year unfolds, and will be sure to provide the community with updates should that occur. 

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.

Chief of Staff to the President
John Sklut

Exec. Assistant to the President
Julia Bjordahl

Admin. Assistant/Event Coordinator
Allison Peterson