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KEEN & Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University (GU) is one of twenty engineering colleges that comprise the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) who work collaboratively in creating the 21st century engineer by instilling the entrepreneurial mindset in the nearly 19,000 students they collectively teach.   In addition to the rigorous technical fundamentals they offer as part of their normal courses, the schools offer experiential opportunities aimed at encouraging the students to develop a set of professional skills necessary for their future work.  These skills include:

  • Effectively collaborating in a team setting
  • Applying critical & creative thinking to ambiguous problems
  • Constructing & effectively communicating a customer-appropriate value proposition
  • Persisting through and learning from failure
  • Effectively managing projects through appropriate commercialization or final delivery
  • Demonstrating voluntary social responsibility
  • Relating personal liberties and free enterprise to entrepreneurship
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KEEN Principal Investigator:
   Dr. Vladimir Labay
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