Office of the President

Welcome to the Office of the President

One can feel the difference on campus – the vibrations of excitement as we greet the Class of 2018 and open the 2014-15 academic year. On behalf of Gonzaga’s faculty and staff, I welcome you all, students new and returning, and your parents.

Over the years and through generations of Gonzaga students, a consistent pattern has expressed itself. It begins with women and men who arrive with open, curious, and generous hearts and minds; along the course of their studies and experiences, they discover that a part of God’s plan for them involves deepening and broadening their understanding of the true nature of human life and existence.

This fall semester we are honored to celebrate on campus an unusual opportunity for such growth. It is the Opus Prize, to honor unsung faith-based humanitarian entrepreneurs around the world. The 14th Annual Opus Prize Ceremony and events take place Oct. 14-16. The true gold here comes through multiple opportunities for our students to discover first-hand from the strongest models in the world just what capabilities they, our students, can aspire to. The entire Gonzaga community is invited to join us for these events.

The start of the semester is upon us. Let us seize these opportunities and blessings.

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.

Exec. Assistant to the President
Julia Bjordahl

Sr. Admin. Assistant
Geneva Finley

Admin. Assistant
Katie Galassi