Non-Motorized Riding Devices Policy

Safety, courtesy, and caution must govern the use of skateboards, in-line skates, bicycles and scooters on campus.

The use of these items is not permitted in any University facility or on any stairways. The right of way of pedestrians is to be observed at all times. Stunt riding and skating, including the use of benches, stairways or other objects, is prohibited.

Electric and gas powered scooters may be treated as motor vehicles by the University and subject to parking and traffic regulations.

Bicycles may not be left in stairwells or in any area where to do so would be likely to impede foot or vehicle traffic or disability access. Bicycles may not be secured to any object other than a bike rack. Bicycle riders are expected to observe the City of Spokane’s helmet ordinance.

Last updated: 8/5/19