Alcohol Policy

1. The use of alcoholic beverages on University property, at University events, and off-campus must be consistent with University policy and applicable law. In the case of branch campuses or programs, the use of alcoholic beverages must be consistent with the laws of the jurisdiction where University programs are located. All state and local laws regarding alcohol are also University rules. 

a. A person must be 21 years of age to acquire, possess or consume any alcohol.

b. It is a violation for any person under the age of 21 years to purchase or attempt to purchase any alcohol.

c. It is a violation to sell, give, or otherwise supply alcohol to any person under the age of 21 years or permit any person under that age to consume alcohol on their premises or a premises under their control.

d. It is a violation to misrepresent age and to use false or forged documents (such as a driver’s license from any state) to obtain alcohol.

e. It is a violation to consume alcoholic beverages when consumption leads to dangerous or disruptive behavior, over-intoxication, or public drunkenness.

2. The University reserves the right to confiscate, retain and dispose of/destroy any and all alcohol-related items regardless of value or ownership.

3. Spokane Campus: University owned, leased, or managed non-residential property and buildings

a. University regulations do not permit the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in common areas (both interior and exterior). 

b. Only recognized student organizations may seek authorization for events with alcoholic beverages present. Authorization may be granted by submitting an Event Request form on Zagtivities. Request for such events does not guarantee permission will be granted. For information about recognized student organizations, please refer to the Center for Student Involvement.

c. Student organizations which violate University alcohol policies may be held accountable by processes outlined in Club Policies. In addition, individuals involved may be held accountable through the Student Code of Conduct.

4. Spokane Campus: University owned, leased or managed residential property and buildings

a. The possession, consumption, use, display, sale, or distribution of alcohol, including alcohol paraphernalia and empty alcohol containers, is prohibited in all residential facilities, including interior and exterior common areas and grounds, balconies, patios, lounges, lobbies, and stairways except as provided in e. below.

b. Games and other behaviors designed to facilitate, promote, or replicate competitive, excessive, accelerated, or abusive consumption of alcoholic beverages (e.g. “beer bongs”, pong table set-ups, “shotgunning”) are prohibited. Equipment, supplies, and paraphernalia designed for use in these games and other behaviors are also prohibited. 

c. Mass quantities of alcoholic beverages are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to such things as kegs, multiples cases of beer, and stocked bars. 

d. Residents in rooms/suites/apartments/houses are responsible for guest compliance with the alcohol policy. As such, residents may be held accountable for their actions and the actions of their guests, whether they are present or not at the time of the behavior and/or possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages personally.

e. Alcohol consumption consistent with University policy and the concept of responsible and moderate use is permitted in a room/suite/apartment when 1) all assigned residents of the room/suite/apartment are at least 21 years of age, and 2) the room/suite/apartment is in a building/area designated for of-age students by Housing and Residence Life.  

Last updated: 12/16/19