SAGE Certification

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Since 2004 Gonzaga’s Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center has provided support for LGBTQ+ students and educated all students as well as wider Gonzaga campus regarding LGBTQ+ topics. This is done through co-curricular social justice programming, mentoring intercultural development. Sexuality and Gender Equity (SAGE) Certification is a highly visible campus experience that includes all three of these pillars.

SAGE is a curriculum of trainings focused on increasing LGBTQ+ knowledge, cultural fluency, identity development, allyship techniques, proactive inclusion and best practices. SAGE trainings are mostly offered in-person options for a better focus and opportunity for engagement. Future updates with virtual modules and Zoom options to be included soon.

  If an in-person training will not work please feel free follow directions at bottom of page and request a virtual option.

SAGE 1 is a 90 minutes session that focuses primarily on “Why?” including terminology, data, philosophy, campus needs and resources.

SAGE 2 is a two hour session focuses on “How?” through discussions of identity formation/sharing, equity and affirmation practices, bystander intervention.

SAGE spotlights focus on “What Now?” these are 45-60 topics specific sessions for either those who have previously attended SAGE trainings and want continued sexuality and gender identity educational opportunities or those looking for information related to a particular topic; e.g., Gender & Gen Z, LGBTQ+ Classroom Inclusion, or Intersection of Faith & LGBTQ+.

SAGE Trainings are primarily conducted in-person for groups between 5-30. Open sessions for staff and faculty are scheduled for each semester found on the myGU Calendar

Departments, offices, and student groups (including official organizations or just 5+ individuals) can request to schedule a session by submitting a request via email