What to Bring

Need to have: Good to have: Extras: Leave at home:
Bedding Bathrobe Additional Lighting Lamps Candles
Computer Camera Cable Cord Hot Plate
Detergent Decorations Coffee Pot Pets
Extension Cords Dishware Iron/Ironing Board Toasters
Hangers Cookware Microwave Weapons
Headphones Dry Erase Board Plants Extra Furniture (Chairs, Couches, Dressers, etc.)
Laundry Basket/Bag Flashlight Stereo
Pictures of Loved Ones Mattress Pad Tool Kit
Power Strips Mini Refrigerator TV/DVD Player
Seasonal Clothing Mirror Bike & Bike Lock
School Supplies Poster Putty
Shower Caddy & Shoes Removable Adhesive Strips
Toiletries Sewing Kit
Towel(s) Skateboard/Longboard
Sleeping Bag
Stain Remover
Storage Boxes
Bible/Sacred Writings