Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests (Work Orders):

  • Students may make requests for repair or replacement of broken, deteriorating or worn-out items within their room or property by contacting the Plant Services department at (509) 313-5656 between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays). In addition, a request can be made by emailing
  • There is no charge for work done that is considered “routine” or “normal wear and tear.” Students are hereby advised that when they make a maintenance request, either directly as described above or indirectly through a residence life staff member, they are giving permission for University personnel to enter their room, unscheduled, at a reasonable time of day with proper announcement in order to fix the item mentioned. 
  • Emergency repair needs which arise after 5:00 pm weekdays, and on holidays and weekends may be requested by contacting Dispatch (509-313-2222).  However, please remember emergency repairs must be critical needs such as a backed up toilet, broken bedroom window, flood, etc. 

Modifications to Student Rooms

Electrical Equipment: 

  • It is imperative, for safety reasons, that students do not overload the electrical system. Periodic power outages do occur, and we strongly recommend that students purchase surge protectors for their electronics and back up work regularly. 
  • Any “power strips” designed to allow for multiple items to be plugged into one outlet should be UL approved. Power strips that are designed to plug into both outlets on a plate at the same time are not allowed.


  • The University has bedroom furniture and loft kits that work with that particular furniture in most buildings.  We must use those loft kits, which can be reserved by calling Plant Services at 509-313-5656, or reserving one through their website signup process.  These will be installed for you by Plant personnel.

Heating, Air Conditioning:

  • Students who feel the level of heat within their residence hall room, apartment, or house is abnormally low or high should immediately contact Plant Services (509-313-5656).
  • Fire can originate from materials touching up against heating units. Thus, personal items such as clothes, notebooks, bedding, etc., as well as drapes, must be kept at least 12 inches from radiators, electric heat panel, base board heater, furnaces, and other heat producing devices.
  • Personal air conditioning units are not allowed within University residence halls, apartment, and properties, except as provided or approved by the University.  Air conditioners may cause damage to window ledges and screen, and pose a safety risk if installed improperly.  The Office of Housing and Residence Life must explicitly grant any expectations to this policy.

Lighting Decorations:

  • Lighting decorations such as those devices commonly used during holiday periods are allowed only if they are Underwriter Laboratories Approved (UL Approved). A manufacturer’s tag needs to be visible on such devices as proof of such quality. With string style lighting, a maximum of three strings is allowed per wall outlet. Students are asked to allow inspection of such lighting on demand by Residence Life or other University staff. Compliance with removal of such lighting at the direction of the Residence Life staff is required.


  • Gonzaga University does not allow students to paint their rooms, houses, or apartments.

Room Decoration:

  • Students must show due consideration for the room or apartment to which they have been assigned.
  • As part of their residence application/agreement, students agree to return the room to the University at the end of their stay in at least the condition in which they found it. Residents are urged to be creative in the hanging of pictures, posters, and other room decoration, such that the placement of these items does not leave permanent marks, holes, or other damage upon wall, door, or fixture surfaces. Students will be charged for any damages.

Plant vs. Housing Responsibilities

The Department of Housing and Residence Life collaborates with the Department of Plant and Construction Services to manage the ‘facilities’ in which students live, both on campus and off campus.  It is important to note that these two departments are collegial with each other and cooperative, yet have distinct functions and responsibilities in relation to the facility in which you live.

Plant and Construction Services Responsibilities

  • All bedroom furniture, style, repairs, etc.

  • Common area furniture inside apartments, both on and off campus

  • All facility ‘repairs’ (work orders)

  • Heating, Ventilation, Hot water, plumbing systems

  • All restroom facilities and equipment

  • Cleaning common areas and restroom/shower facilities

  • The grounds around the buildings

  • Carpeting, flooring, ceilings, walls, doors, fire systems

  • Locksmiths- rekey requests

  • Loft Kits- installation/removal

  • Card Access software maintenance/troubleshooting

  • Residence hall improvements or remodeling

 Housing and Residence Life Services

  • Recreation room equipment and supplies

  • Common area lounge furnishings and kitchen area soft supplies

    • Soaps

    • Some kitchen supply in newer residence facilities

  • Laundry facilities and functionality (partnered with a company in town to manage)

  • Bike cages, bike lockers, bike racks supplying residence areas

  • Services to residents and community development through the efforts of RAs, RDs, GRDs, Assistant Directors of Residence Life, and a Director of Residence Life. These services include:

    • Conflict interventions

    • Processing and assigning damage charges to student accounts

    • Program design/support

    • Living/Learning community development

    • After hours emergency response

    • Safety checks in late evening hours

    • Conduct interventions

  • Directly responsible for which buildings are in use and for which category of student

  • Renting and managing off campus houses and apartments, inclusive of collecting rent directly

  • Receiving requests to replace lost keys- transmitting request to Plant