Sports & Events

GU student smiles during intramural soccer game 

For more information and a list of all our current Sports & Events for the upcoming year, visit IM Leagues. The sports & events offered in the Fall & Spring can be found below:  

Fall Sports & Events

Spring Sports & Events

  • Freshman Games

  • Cornhole League

  • Spikeball League

  • COOP Ball League (This non-traditional sport takes skills from traditional sports like soccer and softball and challenges players to use them in a style similar to Top Golf.)


  • Golf League at Esmeralda Golf Course

  • Iron Zag 

  • Fit-Tober

  • Home Run Derby

  • Tennis League

  • Step Tournament

  • Over the Line (OTL) Tournament (This is a game based out of Southern California that is an "old person's" game of softball.)

  • Simulator Golf Tournament at Esmeralda Golf Course

  • TBD