About the Center for Cura Personalis

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About CCP

The Center for Cura Personalis (CCP) takes this ethos of holistic care seriously, aiming to help every student feel cared for, supported, and valued. To learn more about the Jesuit concept of Cura Personalis, we encourage you to read the opening speech entitled ‘Cura Personalis” by Fr. General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach delivered at ‘Spiritual Accompaniment in the Ignatian Tradition’ (Rome, January-February 2007).

Below are the core values of the Center for Cura Personalis at Gonzaga University.


To support, connect, and empower.

Core Values

  • Holistic Well-being
    We promote well-being in all aspects of a student’s life and understand that each individual’s experience is unique.  We provide support by meeting students where they are at and inviting them to reflect upon their goals and create a plan for moving forward. We place value on well-being for our students, for our community, and for ourselves.

  • Connectedness
    We build relationships with on and off-campus resources to remove barriers for students and help them to navigate complex situations.  We work alongside campus and community partners to provide a caring and supportive experience for students.  We understand that well-being occurs across campus and provide education and consultation to support that work.

  • Empowerment
    We use challenge and support to build on our student’s strengths and encourage their development.  We validate and affirm all people and identities in an effort to help students navigate their own solutions and shape their own lives.  We provide tools for students to engage in self-authorship and self-advocacy.

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