FUSE Faculty Engagement Grant

Previously known as the Partnership Fair, the FUSE Career Fair is an annual career fair held in downtown Spokane, Washington at the Convention Center. Each spring, Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University, and Whitworth University host a collaborative career fair. Students from all of these Universities are invited to participate.

The 2022 FUSE Career Fair is sponsoring a faculty engagement initiative. Faculty members can earn a $500 professional development grant to be remitted to the faculty member’s academic department and ear-marked for that faculty member’s professional development.

To be eligible, faculty members from the four Universities listed above must:

  1. promote the 2022 FUSE Career Fair in their Spring 2022 courses,
  2. attend the 2022 FUSE Career Fair with at least 30 of their students, and;
  3. prepare a one-paged summary describing how they prepared students to participate in the 2022 FUSE Career Fair and how they followed-up with students after the event.

The application process and application are available as a downloadable form using the button below.

For more information, please contact O. Ray Angle, Assistant Vice President, Career & Professional Development at angle@gonzaga.edu or call x 4086.