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Designed for accountants or accounting majors who want to become valued advisors to their organizations.

You will gain a greater understanding of the tools used for cleansing, transforming, and modeling data into actionable information supporting decision-making for accounting-related functions.

Become an expert user of data management tools like these:

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Power Query
  • Power Pivot
  • Alteryx
  • Python
  • SQL

Who should earn an MSBA in Accounting?

  • Undergraduate accounting majors looking to sit for the CPA exam
  • CPAs who want a skillset to make better data informed decisions

Program Details

  • 30 Credits
  • 2-Semesters
  • On Campus

The curriculum encourages you to think critically and innovatively and grow as a leader to make informed data driven decisions.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students recognize the benefits analytics can provide to decision makers throughout an organization's value chain and suggest alternatives for improvement.
  • Students understand the different forms of analytics (descriptive, predictive and prescriptive) and can explain the use of informative, descriptive, and predictive questions.
  • Students produce descriptive and analytical conclusions using Python, SQL, Tableau, Power BI and other current trending technologies.
  • Students identify the inputs (resources required) for successful team processing.


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Sample Course Progression


Course ID Course Title Course Credits
MACC 600 Orientation Workshop 0
MSBA 601 Fundamental Tech for Business Analytics 3
MSBA 623 Database Management 3
MBUS 613 Quantitative and Stats Analysis 3
MACC 601 Fundamental Tech for Business Analysis 2
MBUS 633 Team Building Intensive


Elective – Choose one of the following 3
MTAX 604 C Corporation Taxation  
MTAX 605 Partnership Taxation  
MACC 660 Advanced Financial Accounting  
MACC 662 Accounting Information Systems  


Course ID Course Title Course Credits
MACC 611
Audit Analytics
MSBA 622 Data Science for Business 3
MBUS 670 Foundations of Project Management 3
MBUS 626 Info Systems Theory and Practice 2
MTAX 619 Data Automation 1
MACC 664 Professional Ethics 2