Statistics published annually by the NASBA reveal that Gonzaga MAcc students consistently perform significantly above the national average on all sections of the Uniform CPA exam.

71% of students passed the CPA exam on their first attempt during the 2016-2017 academic year. This compares to a national average under 50%. Gonzaga is ranked #33 in the country and #1 in the Northwest among large programs for our first-time CPA pass rate!

Gonzaga takes a personalized approach to help students succeed on the CPA exam. We recognize that each student has a unique situation in life, which is why we don’t believe in a “one model fits all” approach. To help students succeed on the CPA exam, the Graduate Accounting Programs Director meets with each new student in the program to create a schedule for taking the different sections of the CPA exam based on their unique situation.

To sit for the CPA examination, Washington State requires candidates to obtain 150 semester credit hours of acceptable educational preparation. Gonzaga offers a Masters of Accountancy (MAcc) degree tailored for students who desire to fulfill the 150-hour requirement and earn a graduate degree at the same time. A student pursuing this track will, during the junior, senior, and graduate years, acquire the technical competence in the 300- and 400-level accounting courses, while improving research, communication, and presentation skills in graduate classes. Gonzaga’s MAcc curriculum integrates material covered on the CPA examination, preparing students for success in their careers.