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Designed to set the stage for continuous learning throughout your career.  Focused on developing your tax instincts.
Focus on sustainability accounting: evaluate aspects of a company historically not captured in financial statements.  Foundational courses in business entity taxation with a focus on practical application and planning.
Classes focus on applying data analytics and technology-based problem solving. Classes emphasize solving tax issues using the Internal Revenue Code, Regulations, and case law.
Careers in public accounting, government, and industry focusing on audit (internal and external), risk assurance, business advisory, fraud examination, controller function, nonprofits and consulting. Careers in public accounting, government and industry with a focus on the tax function, including specialized areas such as international tax, state and local tax, and estate and gift tax.
Other careers: CFO, financial analyst, business valuation, treasury and cash management, financial advisor, IT specialist, real estate investment, and business analyst. Other careers: CFO, vice president of tax, tax consulting and advising, state and federal government.


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