Kris Morehouse

Kris Morehouse

Kristina Morehouse has over 10 years of experience working as a journalist at newspapers including, The Kansas City Star and The Spokesman-Review. She regularly reviews books for Communication Research Trends and her co-authors work on virtual grief has appeared in Media Development and Communication Research trends.

Kris is actively involved in mentoring programs for first generation and under-represented populations of college students.  Her research includes storytelling, media literacy, the intersection of social media and social change, and frequently guest lectures on storytelling and online identity formation.


  • COML 596: Master's Level Writing
  • COML 599: Content Creation and Strategy


  • B.A., English, University of Missouri-Kansas City

  • B.A., Biology, University of Missouri-Columbia,

  • M.S., Journalism, William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Kansas