Samantha Armstrong-Ash

Samantha Armstrong-Ash 

Dr. Samantha Armstrong-Ash currently serves as the Director for Budget and Administrative Services in Student Affairs at Eastern Washington University.  While strategic and financial planning in higher education are the focus of her day job,  Dr. Armstrong-Ash specializes in leadership development and student success outside of the classroom.  This has come from years of teaching, working with, and supporting students involved in co-curricular and extracurricular activities at five universities in the Pacific Northwest.

She believes that we never stop learning and growing and works hard to challenge herself professionally and personally on a daily basis.  Dr. Armstrong-Ash's research and writing currently focuses on women working in higher education and the contributions of front line support staff to student learning and success.


  • COML 595: Theorizing Communication


  • B.A., Business Administration, Idaho State University
  • B.A., Secondary Education, Idaho State University
  • M.A., Education, Western Washington University
  • Ph.D., Higher Education & Leadership, Washington State University