Military Leave of Absence

Military Leave of Absence

Learn about Gonzaga's Military Call to Active Duty/Training Policy.

Gonzaga students in the National Guard and Reserves and some prior active duty personnel may be called/recalled to active duty. Gonzaga University recognizes and appreciates the important contributions made by men and women to our country. Gonzaga supports a policy related to our students who have been called to active duty and/or training by any branch of the United States armed forces. The policy does not apply to students ordered to active duty in another country’s armed forces. This policy applies to all University schools and programs and is intended to recognize and make appropriate allowances for students who find themselves in such situations.

According to Federal Title X regulations, students should not be disadvantaged by being called to military service, whether for deployment or training. It is expected that everyone at the University will work together to do what is best for our students. Gonzaga has developed the procedures to provide maximum flexibility in assisting these students. Students with activation orders or other official documentation should follow the process outlined in Gonzaga’s Military Call to Active Duty/Training policy. Dependent on when a student is called to active military duty and/or training, various processes will differ, depending on the time of the call up and length of the call up.

The student record will be coded accordingly outlining information related to the Military Leave of Absence.

Students will initiate a Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) when withdrawing.