Library Visitors

To ensure that the Chastek Library facilities and services are fully available to the Gonzaga Law School community, the Chastek Library observes a very limited access policy which is fully enforced at all times that the Chastek Library is open.

As a general rule, the Chastek Library allows access to the Gonzaga University community, which includes Gonzaga law students, faculty, staff, and University of Washington medical school students. There are two exceptions:

  1. Attorney Affiliate Program – The Chastek Library allows licensed attorneys access to the law school building and libraryAttorneys seeking access via the Attorney Affiliate Program can find the application at this page.

  1. Federal Depository Collection Access – The Chastek Library participates in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP)Access to the Federal Depository Collection entitles members of the general public to use those publications received through the FDLP only; it does not entitle the general public to use the Chastek Library’s general collections, services, or physical space. Once the user has completed their use of the federal depository documents, they are required to leave the Chastek Library promptly. Please note that the Chastek Library receives only a very small portion of federal depository materials. General public members seeking access to the Federal Depository Collection can find the information at this page.