For Students

The library provides $324 in printing for each entering first year law student. Transfer students receive a prorated number of pages. This balance is for all three years of law student service and will not be refunded at graduation. If you use up the balance, additional prints may be purchased by visiting

Printers are located in the computer lab, and in the first and second floor copy rooms. They can be accessed from the law computers or from laptops connected to the law school network.

  • B/W Copying and Print Cost
    • $.07 Single
    • $.06 Double sided, per side
  • Color Copying and Print Cost
    • $.25
    • $.24 Double sided, per side
  • Scanning is free!

If you have problems with a print job and want to request a credit, seek assistance from IT services.

For Affiliate Attorneys and Federal Depository Collection Access

Photocopiers are available for Affiliate Attorneys and those accessing the Federal Depository Collection. You must obtain a print card from the circulation desk. Guests are limited to one, five-dollar card a day.