An integral part of the Gonzaga University School of Law, Chastek Library provides excellent information and computing resources and services to support the instructional, research, and scholarly endeavors of the law school community. The library also supports the legal information needs of the university, the bench and bar, and provides access to the general public.

The primary mission of the Chastek Library is to evaluate, select, organize, and provide meaningful access to information resources that support the instruction, research, and service activities of Gonzaga University School of Law (Law School). Secondarily, the Chastek Library supports the legal information needs of the Gonzaga University (University) community, the local judiciary, practicing bar, and the general public of the Spokane metropolitan area. Finally, the Chastek Library strives to achieve its mission in a safe and comfortable work environment for all library users.


Our vision for Chastek Library is to be the "heart of the Law School." To this end we:

  1. Provide unparalleled, innovative customer service.
  2. Offer excellent, well-funded, state-of-the-art resources.
  3. Foster an environment, both physical and virtual, that is welcoming, organized, and vital.


  1. Provide appropriate resources and facilitate their use.
  2. Actively promote library and computing programs.
  3. Be a leader in adopting and using new technologies.
  4. Foster a collaborative working environment.
  5. Ensure development of a competent and qualified staff.


We identify our values as characteristics that define our library and how we intend to operate on a daily basis as we pursue our vision.

  • Service
    • We recognize that quality service is our first priority.
    • We work efficiently to meet users' needs.
    • We provide relevant and useful information.
    • We are creative and innovative in delivering services.
    • We encourage and expect competent delivery of service.
  • Professionalism
    • We encourage open and candid communication without reprisal.
    • We accept individual responsibility for our work and the overall success of the library.
    • We act with integrity and adhere to professional ethics.
    • We foster academic and intellectual freedom.
    • We treat each person with fairness and a sense of equality.
  • Community
    • We promote teamwork and value our coworkers' contributions.
    • We are committed to sharing both information and decision-making.
    • We respect each other.
    • We show warmth and good humor.
    • We engage in activities that have value and purpose to the library's mission.
    • We seek, support, and celebrate the diversity of all people.