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MENG 291 Intro to Mech Eng Design
2.00 credits
Introduction to mechanical engineering design, with emphasis on the creation and communication of design ideas. Students will learn construction geometry, visualization (orthographic views, isometric views, sectional views, etc.), hand sketching and drawing of initial designs, and how to create 2-D drawings. Detailed treatment of dimensioning and tolerancing. Strong focus on the design of basic machine elements in order to prepare the student for further coursework in machine design, and senior projects, as well as direct application in the practice of mechanical engineering. The design process, including, product specifications, product descriptions, and prototype fabrication will be introduced. To register for this course, each student is required to have a laptop that meets or exceeds the specifications of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). Specifications are available on the SEAS web site.
ENSC 192 Minimum Grade: D