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CENG 352 Hydraulic Engineering
3.00 credits
Use of fluid mechanics in the engineering analysis and design of components of hydraulic and water resources systems. Topics covered include: closed conduit flow; pump selection and cavitation; steady, uniform, and gradually varied flow of water in open channels with immobile boundaries and through bridges and culverts; specific energy and transitions; stable channel design; and design hydraulic/stormwater structures. Includes problem solving, a design project, and computer applications. The associated lab course (CENG352L) stresses a variety of practical applications in the hydraulics laboratory including: measuring pipe friction’ analyzing pipe networks; developing pump curves and observing cavitation; measuring energy and roughness in uniform open channel flow; analyzing hydraulic jumps; applying hydraulic modeling to culvert design; Civil 3D applications in stormwater and/or sanitary sewer design; and the development and implementation of a student derived investigation.
CENG 252 Minimum Grade: D