Letter from the CORE

Greetings from the University Core

Our Core Curriculum is a four-year program of study completed by all Gonzaga students. With the skills gained through courses in understanding and creating, being and becoming, caring and doing, and imagining the possible, students probe the depths of their own capabilities not only to experience their own perception of the world and its provocative ideas, but to develop empathy for others’ views and practice mature, thoughtful responses to ideas they find challenging.

A Core curriculum housed in the context of a liberal arts in the Jesuit tradition offers, in my view, the most complete environment for developing courageous individuals in any major who are ready to take on any career.

Each member of the Gonzaga community is invited to experience our collective commitment to a vibrant, academically and spiritually rigorous and foundational experience for our incredible, talented students.

Ann Ciasullo, Ph.D.