Smart Antenna and Radio Lab

Smart Antenna and Radio Lab: SARL

Gonzaga University's new Smart Antenna and Radio Laboratory (SARL) was completed in April of 2011.  The mission of the lab is to create jobs through industry/university cooperative technology development.  The lab will significantly lower the product development barrier for new companies by providing access to state of the art measurements and skilled faculty at member institutions.

This state of the art lab includes two shielded anechoic chambers each equipped with a multi-axis positioner and fully automated 3D radiation pattern capture and analysis software.  The inherent 600 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range can be scaled above and below chamber coverage with a full suite of parametric 3D electromagnetic simulation tools running on a modern high-memory cluster computing system.  Greater than 40 GHz Vector Network Analysis, with time domain, supports sophisticated bench tuning.

Vector Signal Analysis supports modulation quality measurements with mod bandwidths greater than 80 MHz. SARL users in need of protocol aware stimulus or response can utilize the lab's will equipped cellular base station simulator or capture the required system on the lab's software defined radio platform. The 40 MHz modulation bandwidth software defined radio, with initially 4 coherent transceivers, is available to implement specialized smart antenna and MIMO baseband processing algorithms and protocols.

Dr Schennum
Associate Professor Steve Schennum has received a $1.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation for research to help meet the increasing demand for reliable and secure high-bandwidth wireless communications. 
The research may help save lives by improving communications for first responder emergency personnel.  The research could also lead to energy savings through "SmartGrid" energy innovations and natural resource management.

Member institutions include Gonzaga University, Washington State University, Eastern Washington University as well as the University of Idaho and Spokane Community College.

Dr. Steve Schennum
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
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