Morris Fellowship Recipients

The 2022 Morris Fellows

2022 Morris Fellows

Morris Fellows 2022

For project titles, please see the list of Morris Fellows below.

  • Benjamin Lombardi, Class of 2023, Applied Mathematics Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Michelle Ghrist): Stability of Implicit Free-Parameter Multistep Methods for First and Second-Order Differential Equations
  • Haley Mayer, Class of 2023, Criminology & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Esther Matthews): Familial Needs in the Era of Mass Incarceration
  • Tia Moua, Class of 2023, Sociology & Communication Studies Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): The Rise in Anti-Asian Hate During COVID-19 & Combating Anti-Asian Racism
  • Emma Richardson, Class of 2023, Communication Studies Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Kristina Morehouse): Making Ableism on Campus Visible: Recommendations for Removing Barriers that Marginalize Disabled Students
  • Michelle Rickwa, Class of 2024, Sociology & International Studies Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. R. Brian Siebeking): The Complications of Cultural Insensitivity: Muslim Patients in the U.S. Healthcare System
  • Nicole Snyder, Class of 2023, Psychology & History Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Kevin Chambers): We Will Make the Woods Resound: Radical Unionism and the 1917 Lumber Strike in Eastern Washington
  • Delaney Sousa, Class of 2024, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Katey Roden): No Person is an Island: Recovering Feminine and Queer Identities through the Poetry of John Donne
  • Evangeline Wilder, Class of 2023, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Ann Ciasullo): How to Love a Trans Woman: Reclaiming the Joy of Trans Embodiment

  • Benjamin Gonzales, Class of 2024, Criminology & English Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Katey Roden): When Political Paradise is Lost: What Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes teach us about Political Defeat, Disenfranchisement, and Dejection
  • Olivia Grob, Class of 2022, Psychology & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): The Effects of Isolation during the Coronavirus on Adults in Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Homes and their Adult Children
  • Caroline Hamm, Class of 2022, Communication Studies Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Melissa Click): Lesbian Cinema of 2020: A Critical Analysis of Queer Christmas Films
  • Matthew Ierardi, Class of 2022, Criminology & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Forrest Rodgers): The Extent and Effects of Inmate Drug Use in Prison
  • Peter Jonas, Class of 2022, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Matthew Bolton): Black Dreams, White Nightmares: Reframing the Intersection of Race, Place, and Urbanity Through the Horror Film
  • Cintia Murillo, Class of 2022, History Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Cassandra Dame-Griff): ¿Cuándo Volveré?: The yearning for homeland within cultural productions of Cumbia
  • Maureen Parks, Class of 2022, History & Environmental Studies Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Robert Donnelly): Keeping the Cream City's Color: A History of Racial Restrictive Covenants in Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods
  • Emma Wood, Class of 2022, Sociology Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Michael DeLand): The Alt-Right Pipeline: Political Radicalization and Deradicalization During the Internet Era
  • Reilly Bettis, Class of 2022, Criminology Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "The Intersectionality of LGBTQ+ and Catholic Identities in College Students"
  • Elena Chiappe, Class of 2021, Classical Civilizations & History Majors, Religious Studies & Catholic Studies Minors (faculty mentor: Dr. Amy Pistone): "Ethically Preserving the Past: Monuments and Memory"
  • Garrett DiMarco, Class of 2020, English Major, Sociology Minor (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "The Lived Experience of Forced Migrants in Spokane"
  • Kevin Fagan, Class of 2021, Sociology Major, Economics, Spanish, & Sustainable Business Minors (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "An Investigation into the Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke in the Spokane Area"
  • Grace Henry, Class of 2022, Biology Major, Sociology Minor (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock): "Experiences of Modern Anti-Semitism in Spokane"
  • Fisher Ng, Class of 2022, Mechanical Engineering Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Melody Alsaker): "A Comparison Study of Reconstruction Methods for Electrical Impedance Tomography"
  • Erin Sellers, Class of 2021, Public Relations & Theatre Majors, Interdisciplinary Arts & Writing Minors (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus): "Expanding Accessibility & Artistry to Classical Music: A Choral Application of Musical Signing"
  • Anthony Willins, Class of 2021, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Brian Cooney): "Why Here? A Digital Exhibit of the KKK at their Historical Height in the Spokane Region"
  • Tieryn Bills, Class of 2020, Sociology & Psychology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Mike DeLand, Sociology): “Exploring Multiple “Logans”: Whose Neighborhood Is It Anyway?”
  • Alyssa Cink, Class of 2020, English Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Katey Roden, English and Digital Humanities): “Woldson in the Digital Sphere”
  • Kevin Fagan, Class of 2021, Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Joe Jozwiak, Environmental Studies): “Health Impacts of Wildfire Smoke in Spokane”
  • Sophia Maggio, Class of 2020, Psychology & Art Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Sarah Arpin, Psychology): “The Stories We Tell: Influences of Gender on Personal Narrative”
  • Erik Rinn, Class of 2021, Psychology & Public Relations Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Emily Clark and Matthew Wilson, Religious Studies): “How to Connect With Nature: An Ethnographic Study of Earth and Spirituality”
  • Georgia Veverka, Class of 2020, English Literature Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Ingrid Ranum, English): “Humanities and Medicine”
  • Luke Westermeyer, Class of 2020, Math & Philosophy Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Tyler Tritten, Philosophy): “The Transmission of Paul as Philosopher (and Anti-Philosopher) in Contemporary Philosophy”
  • Madison Hendricks, Class of 2019, Theatre Arts Major (faculty mentor: Leslie Stamoolis, MFA, Theatre and Dance): “Foundations of Silhouette: A Study of 19th Century Undergarments”
  • Andrew Kelley, Class of 2019, Music Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “In the Wake of Tragedy: Examining the Function of Music as a Response to Disaster”
  • Katherine Laco, Class of 2019, Psychology & Religious Studies Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Anastasia Wendlinder, Religious Studies): “Teaching Participation: Vatican II’s Liturgical Reforms and Parish Catechesis in the Diocese of Spokane”
  • Audrey Parks, Class of 2020, Communication Studies Major (faculty mentor: Suzanne Ostersmith, MFA, Theatre and Dance): “Professional Dance Performance Preparation”
  • Nick Simmons, Class of 2019, INST-Latin American Studies & Spanish Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Rebecca Marquis, Modern Languages): “Indigenous Resistance Case Studies”
  • Annie Stanger, Class of 2019, Music Education Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “Introducing Contemporary Women Art Song Composers to Teachers and Performers”
  • Jessica Albinson, Class of 2018, Criminal Justice & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Naghme Morlock, Sociology): “Navigating Gender and Sexual Identity in a ‘Straight’ World: A Study of How College Students Talk About Romantic Relationships”
  • Annica Balentine, Class of 2018, Psychology & Sociology Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Andrea Bertotti-Metoyer, Sociology): “Sterilization Discourse in Medical Textbooks”
  • Mitch Davey, Class of 2018, Music Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Timothy Westerhaus, Music): “Dancing in Harmony: A Documentation of the Traditions & Practices of Choral Music in Zambia”
  • Cole Fairbairn, Class of 2019, Political Science Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Ray Rast, History): “A Christmas Classic: Bing, Berlin, and the Story of ‘White Christmas’”
  • Danielle Forrest, Class of 2018, Computer Science and Computational Thinking & Art Majors and Grace Muljadi, Class of 2018, History & Sociology Majors (faculty mentors: Dr. Rob Bryant, Computer Science and Computational Thinking and Dr. Veta Schlimgen, History): “Walk Gonzaga: An Augmented Reality Walking Historical Tour of Gonzaga”
  • Analee Scott, Class of 2018, International Studies & Spanish Majors (faculty mentor: Dr. Mary Jeannot, TESL): “Investigating Multilingual Theory and Practice in Spokane Public Schools”