Mechanical 15 - Smart Serve

Student Team: Sammy Vongphadky
Advisor: Duane Starner
Sponsoring Organization: KEEN - Gonzaga
Liaison: tbd

Note - This is the same project as EE & CPEN 4

Project Background:

Eating establishments such as the on-campus dining service, Sodexo, throw significant amounts of food away every day. Students tend to over-eat at these establishments and take more food than they need. Furthermore, students tend to steal dinnerware from cafeteria establishments.  Gonzaga’s commitment to create a sustainable campus, coupled with the amount of food wasted at the cog every day, demand a remedy to this situation.

Project Goal:

The project team will design and develop the Smart Serve system, which consists of plates, cups, and bowls that include electronic identification tags and associated counter-top readers with a scale. Additionally, an online web-service will log portion size, calories, and trends as well as track dinnerware.  Data will be presented in at least two different user scenarios: cafeteria workers and/or management and student view.  Prototype hardware and codeware will be developed for demonstration purposes by project end.

Project Deliverables:

1.    Project plan, including a budget and a business plan.
2.    Research in the current market and state of technologies that make cafeterias more sustainable.  Current market may also include application of technology to hospital use where logging of calories is required for certain patients.
3.    Design and prototyping of plates, cups, bowls and serving stations.
4.    Research into whether IP protection (with associated costs) is appropriate.
5.    Demonstration of technology at campus cafeteria.

Project Management and Communication Expectations:

1.    Weekly team meetings
2.    Monthly review meeting with GU KEEN sponsor
3.    Status report updates of product development every week
4.    Status reports of marketing development twice a month

Project Research:

1.    Investigate alternative ways to implement the Smart Serve system
2.    Research products and services currently on the market
3.    Research steps needed to develop IP protection

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