Mechanical 13 - GU Energy Analysis

Student Team: JP Curry, Nicole Kissinger, CJ Best, Joe Ferris
Advisor: Bill White
Sponsoring Organization: McKinstry
Liaison: Dale Silha

The GU Energy Analysis Team’s objective is to analyze different sustainable energy techniques to be implemented on campus here at Gonzaga in order to help the school reach its environmental goals described in the Climate Action Plan.  We began studying 10 sustainable designs ranging from Biomass to Geothermal, and narrowed it down to two systems that best fit Gonzaga’s infrastructure, educational values and environmental commitment.  Those systems are Solar and Anaerobic Digestion. We are proposing implementing the solar technology various places around campus such as utilizing it in Madonna Hall for water heating.  The Anaerobic Digestion system is planned to be placed in the new University Center and convert food waste into useful energy.  At the end of the project, we hope to deliver conceptual designs for each energy system as well as a detailed engineering and financial analysis report that we can present to Gonzaga.  Our hope is the school will pick up these projects and implement them on campus in the up and coming years.


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