Mechanical 8 - Antenna DFM

Student Team: Sean Damon, Oliver Grabb, Daniel Harmon, Patrick Sinner
Advisor: Michael Keegan
Sponsoring Organization: RANDL Industries
Liaison: Jon Thorpe

    LHC2 Inc. is best known in the Inland Northwest for its wireless engineering services. One of its existing horizontally polarized antenna models is popular among Spokane emergency vehicles for its low interference wireless internet. Our task was to assess the current design of the antenna to maximize manufacturability and minimize cost.
    Our group was able to redesign the antenna to look similar in appearance but differ vastly in assembly construction. The new antenna takes less labor time and uses less material. Also, by eliminating liquid adhesives in multiple steps of the existing design we were able to eliminate the necessity to wait for adhesives to cure. Overall, the new design makes constructing the antenna an easier task and more cost effective.


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