Electric Vehicles

As part of Gonzaga’s dedication to sustainability, we have 8 electric vehicles on our campus fleet. These 8 vehicles are used for many purposes, including custodial services and making campus-wide deliveries.   

A growing number of electric vehicles are being driven by students and employees and in support of reducing our campus reliance on fossil fuels, Gonzaga University offers four electric vehicle charging stations—in the BARC, behind the Crosby House, in the parking lot to the east of the Music Hall, and on Cincinnati Avenue by the Patterson Baseball Complex.

Each of the three Chargepoint stations allow two vehicles to charge at a time for up to four hours at no cost. After four hours, vehicles are charged $3/hour. The station on Cincinnati Avenue is a fast charging station and does not charge a fee after four hours.

The EV charging stations are intended to address our strategic goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050 through reducing emissions from commuter vehicles, and, reduce “range anxiety” for those that own or are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle.

For the initial Charging Station installation at Crosby House, Gonzaga University was recognized by Drive Oregon as a U.S. Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge Partner. 

All stations are first come first served. 

Questions? Contact the Office of Sustainability.