Garden Discernment

Aerial view of the Gonzaga Campus


Gonzaga strongly denounces sexual abuse and owns our responsibility to represent our values in what we memorialize on our campus. We also recognize that our decisions impact the network of relationships and communities of which Gonzaga is part. In this case, we recognize the significant role Fr. Louis Taelman held not only at Gonzaga University but also in his relationships with tribal communities in the area (Taelman was active in the region in the early 20th century, serving as Gonzaga’s president in the years 1909-1913). Therefore, we are seeking input from tribal partners and University community members during Spring/Summer 2023, with updates to be provided Fall 2023 and project finalized by Winter 2023.


Gonzaga embraces a commitment to respect, protect and care for every individual. The safety of our students, staff and visitors to our campus is a top priority, and the University has no tolerance for sexual misconduct of any form.  Please visit this page for both University and external resources (including the Jesuits West Province) to support confidential and non-confidential reporting, medical care, victims’ advocacy and counseling services.