Program & Activity Releases

The “STUDENT STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR PARTICIPATION IN A GONZAGA UNIVERSITY PROGRAM, ACTIVITY, or FIELD TRIP” must be completed prior to participation in any Gonzaga student program. Each participating student must complete a separate form and return it to the Gonzaga employee responsible for organizing/sponsoring the program, activity, or field trip. 

This form is not intended for use in study abroad programs, immersion programs, or for visitors to campus.

The organizer/sponsor is responsible for completing the portion of the form detailing specific additional risks associated with the program or activity. This portion of the form must be completed prior to providing it to students for their review and signature. Factors to be considered when completing this section may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Location of program
  • Supervision
  • Lodging
  • Outdoor dangers
  • Client/public interaction
  • Physical activity

You may email Risk Management to review any planned program, activity, or field trip or to provide assistance completing the Activity Release Form.

Gonzaga Program or Activity Release Form - Student