Reflections on Black History Month 2022

While we appreciate that this opportunity was created to center ourselves on Black history as our nation continues to grapple with its past, we also know that Black history is American history. Although we celebrate Black history this month, we acknowledge and celebrate Black history every month, and all year long. But because specific attention to Black history is still warranted and necessary, Gonzaga is honored to offer these faculty, staff, and student reflections to celebrate February as Black History Month.
Dr. Robin Kelley Cheif Diversity Officer, Gonzaga University

Dr. Charlita Shelton, Chief of Staff

I am proud to be a Black American. And I am also proud of the accomplishments of Black Americans throughout the United States history.

Christina Thomas, Lead Investigator, Title IX

In my community, I stand on the shoulders of not only national leaders but the trailblazers within my family who have stood and led the way for someone like me to succeed and have opportunities in life.

Phil Tyler, Crime Prevention and Education, Campus Security & Public Safety

Black History Month encourages us to walk in our purpose: to teach, promote, preserve, and create black history that I still believe we are making today.

Dr. Robin Kelley, Chief Diversity Officer

Not only do we get a chance to celebrate Black History. We also get to learn more about the experiences, perceptions, and contributions of Black African Americans. And we also get to connect that past to the present and the future.

Tracy Culp, Administrative Assistant, Marketing & Communications

I think that Black History Month should be rejoiced and celebrated all year by continuing to educate ourselves and others about true parts of our history. We need to remember that it is not just Black history but American history.

Herb Shah, Campus Reservationist

It's important to take the blinders off and celebrate how much we've advanced in the way we see each other. We still have a ways to go, but I am proud to be a Black American.