Password Reset or Change

Password Requirements 

Gonzaga passwords are required to be a minimum of 15 characters and are NOT required to be complex. It is recommended to use a short string of words or a nonsense short sentence that you can easily remember-- a passphrase, if you will. Some good examples with increasing complexity are: 

Strong:  potatotornadotomato 
Stronger: auto herring party stop 
Strongest: always-Eat-red-nintendo’s 

To set your password for the first time or reset it if it's been forgotten select reset password.


If you currently know your password and want to change it, select change password.


If neither of the options above are working, please contact Gonzaga University Information Technology Services by phone at 509-313-5550 or through our support portal at

Video Tutorial

This service is covered under Gonzaga’s Information Technology Use Policy (ITUP). By logging in you are agreeing to adhere to the ITUP and any violation of the ITUP may result in a termination of your network account.