Gonzaga University Emergency Notification System 

Gonzaga University uses an emergency notification system, called ZagAlert, to help ensure the safety and security of our campus community by providing rapid notification of life-saving information during emergencies to members of the Gonzaga community.  ZagAlert messages provide important information that empowers recipients to make the best choice possible during an emergency.  It is crucial for all students, staff and faculty to be familiar with the protective actions they can take during an emergency.  For more information about protective actions you should know, please see the ZagReady Program page on our website. 

All Gonzaga emails and Gonzaga telephone numbers are automatically enrolled in the ZagAlert system via the ZagWeb portal. Parents, family, and other Gonzaga community members who would like to receive emergency notifications can opt-in to the system by texting "ZagAlert" to 77295.

Update your Information!

For ZagAlert to be most effective, every member of the Gonzaga community needs to make sure their contact information is updated in the ZagWeb portal on a regular basis. Click here to visit the ZagWeb portal and verify your information.  Make sure to include a mobile phone number and a personal, non-Gonzaga email address for the most rapid delivery of information. 

It only takes 2 minutes and updating your information is easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. Visit ZagWeb
  2. Click on Enter Secure Area and login using your Zagweb User ID/PIN
  3. Click on ZagAlert, enter mobile phone number and verify email address, click Submit.
    Note: Please provide a non-GU email address and a mobile telephone number, and encourage you to add your parents or guardians as an alternative user within Zagweb
  4. If you choose to receive text messages only, uncheck the "Send Voice Messages" boxes, and do not enter Home/Local phone. 

ZagAlert may be used to deliver messages to any of the following platforms: email, voice messages or telephone call, or text messages.  You may receive notifications on any combination of these platforms, so it is important to keep your contact information current. In addition, the system will update the  Gonzaga University Facebook Page ( and Gonzaga University Twitter Account ( with the ZagAlert information.  The Gonzaga University Emergency Information web page is also updated with important information.  Please consider following or bookmarking these information resources for easy access during an emergency.

Parents, Family and Community Members 

If you are not current student, faculty or staff but would like to receive emergency notifications, you can opt-in to the system by texting the word "ZagAlert" to 77295.

If you have more questions, please visit the ZagAlert FAQ.