Global Neighborhood Thrift

Global Neighborhood Thrift's mission is to offer pathways to employment for residents who came to Spokane as refugees. Global Neighborhood Thrift's goal is to create jobs by creating the best thrift store in Spokane, through recycling and reusing donated items.

Current Partnership Projects

Trent Hamilton Mural

This 85-foot mural on Trent and Hamilton boasts vibrant colors and native plants with descriptions in English and Salish, the local native language. The Arrow Leaf, Yarrow, Camas Flower and Ponderosa Pine are some of the flora and fauna featured. The Spokane River is also featured, spanning the entire mural, delicately hidden between and behind the flowers.

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Contact Global Neighborhood Thrift

Address: 919 E Trent Spokane, WA

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm & Sun 10am-5pm