Lactation Rooms


Nine Lactation Locations for Moms at Gonzaga

Gonzaga supports moms returning to work after having a baby and has created nine dedicated spaces for Nursing Moms.

Locations are:
1. Human Resources - Room 13 (key can be picked up at the front desk)
2. Law School - Room 362 (go to Chastek Law LIbrary room 173 or call x3781 for the code to enter the room)
3. Foley Library - Room 307 just off the staff room (key can be picked up at the circulation desk and the administration office)
4. Plant Services - Room 28 (key can be picked up at the customer service desk)
5. School of Business - Room 118 (key can be picked up in the Dean's office area)
6. Tilford Center - Room 027 in the Lower Level (go to room TC312 or call x3569 to pick up the key)
7. College Hall - 4th floor on the West end (key can be picked up from the Arts & Sciences Dean's Office, Suite 416)
8. Hemmingson Center - Room 305 (key can be picked up at the front desk)
9. Crosby Center - (key can be picked up from the Career & Professional Development Office front desk)

All rooms are equipped with comfortable seating, a table and outlet.  Privacy has been added to ensure moms feel comfortable.

Departments who would like to set up a lactation location in their area can contact HR at x5996 for help with the process.

If an employee has concerns regarding access to a private lactation location, contact HR at x5996 for assistance.

Gonzaga Policy on Lactation Time Away from Work can be found at

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