Employee in Crisis



As a manager or co-worker you may come in contact with another employee who is in crisis.  This employee may express concerning behavior or thoughts such as harming him/herself or harming someone else.  Employees may express intense feelings of hopelessness in response to difficulties in life such as loss, disappointment, failure and many other factors.   

When there is a clear, immediate risk of harm, this employee should not be left alone. 

A manager or Human Resources (HR) should be contacted to ensure the following process is followed to assist an employee in need:

1.     If employee is in imminent danger or threatens to harm another person, call 911 or arrange transport from security or a cab service to a hospital. 

2.     If employee expresses issues, but seems capable of self or family/friend management, work with Human Resources to do the following:

a.     Call family/friend to assist

b.     Call doctor or emergency room to alert on the way

c.     Have friend/family call when they've arrived at the doctor's office or hospital

3.     Manager should contact HR to ensure proper follow-up with the employee.

4.     Manager and HR/Disability Resources, Education, and Access Management (DREAM) follows up with employee upon his/her return to ensure employee is able to resume job responsibilities and provide any additional resources.

5.     HR can provide an employee in crisis a packet with helpful resources. Please contact Lisa Schwartzenburg at x5861 to order a packet.

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