Patrick Ronay

Patrick Ronay

Name: Patrick Ronay - Senior Admission Counselor

Phone: 800.322.2584, extension 6635 - or - 509.313.6635

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Degree:  B.A. Environmental Studies - Gonzaga University
                 Minors: History and Philosophy - Gonzaga University

Territories: Colorado, Southern California (Fresno and Inyo counties and everything south of that, south of San Luis Obispo on the coast)

Why are you in admissions at Gonzaga?
I want to work with students and families who want to partake in the Jesuit tradition of Gonzaga and are seeking improvement and achievement on both personal and collective levels.

 Where is your favorite place on campus?
The Quad provides an excellent environment to relax and socialize along the main corridor of Gonzaga – Bulldog Alley.  There are Adirondack chairs provided for students and staff to lounge about and there is a good likelihood I can be found there during lunch reading the newspaper.

 What is your favorite thing to do in Spokane?
Come summer I love kayaking the Little Spokane River.  The put-in is about a 30 minute drive from campus and it is one of the most serene natural settings I have ever been in.  It has a meandering current that takes about 2 hours and right before the take-out you pass half a dozen houses along the bank, some of which are shaded by a dramatic willow tree; you'd swear you were amidst a Faulkner novel.

What is one piece of advice you have for prospective students?
Us admission folk are not here to be intimidating or another obstacle in the application process.  In fact, we truly do want to lessen any of the stress and anxiety that may be brought about by your college search.