MariaFernanda Gomez Gonzalez - Hispanohablante

MariaFernandez Gomez Gonzalez

Name: MariaFernanda Gomez Gonzalez - Admission Counselor - ¿Necesita información en español?

800.322.2584, extension 6285 -or- 509.313.6285

Hometown: Sandy,Utah

Degree: B.A. Political Science and History, Catholic Studies minor - Gonzaga University

Territories: Arizona, Eastern Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Central Washington, Wyoming

Why are you in admissions at Gonzaga?
In Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.’s prayer, “Fall in Love,” he tasks us to follow our passions. He says, “What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything.” I’m working at Gonzaga because I believe that one of the most salient features of a Jesuit education is that faculty, staff, and students meet each other where they are. We intentionally challenge and inspire each other to truly fall in love with our passions, becoming better people, leaders, and professionals. As a first-generation immigrant Latina, I know how abstruse and daunting the college admission process can appear; I also recognize the myriad ways that higher education has transformed my life. I want to share that and serve students and their families with alacrity so that students can continue to develop their gifts and explore their passions.  

Where is your favorite place on campus?
Mass in the Student Chapel inside College Hall, the oldest building on campus, is one of my favorite Catholic traditions on campus. It has always been a beautiful testament to how much I have grown, spiritually and socially. I remember that the first few times that I attended Daily Mass, I sat by myself because I did not know anyone. By the last Daily Mass senior year, I was sitting next to my best friends.

What is your favorite thing to do in Spokane?
The view from Kendall Yards on Centennial Trail is the ultimate elixir for those seeking to experience the excitement of the city’s urban amenities and the onrush of the scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, nearby, there is a delightful locally-owned ice cream shop. Many of my favorite memories in Spokane consist of me savoring a mouth-watering mango ice cream, sitting on the edge of Centennial Trail, overlooking the Spokane River, and absorbing the beautiful view of the city. 

 What is one piece of advice you ave for prospective students?
You have already done the tough part—twelve years in formal education! Enjoy the college search process as much as you can by visiting campus, connecting with alumni and current students, and reading through different schools’ literature. Whenever you want some extra guidance, please call or email us. Anyone in our office is always more than happy to hear your story and help you navigate the college search process.