The SAT has been redesigned; the first exam was administered in March 2016. This will impact students graduating high school in 2017. As the SAT changes, we are committed to working with you as you navigate this new process. Below you will find information from the College Board on the changes to the SAT and how Gonzaga will be integrating the new SAT into our admission process.

We encourage you to explore the new SAT by visiting the College Board website.


When will the new SAT be administered?

March 2016

Will Gonzaga require the Optional Essay portion of the new SAT or the Writing section of the ACT?

Gonzaga does not currently nor will it use the Optional Essay for the SAT or the writing section for the ACT.

How will we know what the scores on the new SAT mean? 

Gonzaga plans to use the concordance tables that the College Board will provide to understand how the “old” SAT compares to the “new” SAT. The concordance tables are a proven, effective way to compare scores.

Concordance tables from the College Board

Will Gonzaga superscore between the new SAT and the old SAT? 

Gonzaga will superscore within the same test type but not between the new and old SAT as they are distinctly different tests.

Are there resources to help study for the new SAT?

Yes. Khan Academy has partnered with the College Board to provide free test  preparation to anyone who would like to access it. Learn more here.

Will Gonzaga accept old SAT scores to fulfill application requirements?

Yes. We will accept both the old and new SAT scores.

Contact the Office of Admission if you have questions about the new SAT. You can email us at or call 1-800-322-2584 or 509-313-6572.