Each program requires different and specific information regarding its applicants. It is wise to contact the graduate program for which you intend to apply regarding specific program requests while completing the application process. Please click here for a list of all graduate programs and links to their websites.

Gonzaga School of Law Application

Apply For Any of the Programs Below

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
     Master of Art in Philosophy
     Master of Art in Religious Studies

Graduate School of Business
     Master of Accountancy
     Master of Accountancy with Juris Doctorate
     Master of Business Administration
     Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management
     Master of Business Administration with Juris Doctorate

Graduate School of Education
     Master of Anesthesiology Education
     Master of Art in Community Counseling
     Master of Art in Counselling (Alberta, Canada)
     Master of Art in Counselling (British Columbia, Canada)
     Master of Art in Leadership and Administration
     Master of Art in Marriage and Family Counseling
     Master of Art in School Counseling
     Master of Art in Sport and Athletic Administration
     Master of Education in Special Education
     Master of Initial Teaching (Elementary or Secondary)
     Master of Initial Teaching in Special Education    

Graduate School of Education for TESL
    Master of Art in Teaching English as a Second Language

Graduate School of Engineering
     Transmission and Distribution Engineering Certificate

Graduate School of Professional Studies Master of Art
     Master of Art in Communication and Leadership
     Master of Art in Organizational Leadership

Graduate School of Professional Studies Doctoral
     Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership Studies