IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers



Chair: Mareval Ortiz-Camacho
Vice Chair: Sophie Pavletich
Treasurer: Arhtur Lane
Secretary: Adam Bagley
Recruitment/Professional Development: Aaron Wong

Faculty Advisor: Peter McKenny

Mission Statement: Our focus as a Student Chapter of IEEE is to develop well rounded engineers with a broad spectrum of skills and experience both hands on and cross disciplinary.

Annual Report:  During the academic year, the Gonzaga IEEE chapter was very active. IEEE hosted a number of events geared towards helping students gain new skills, traveled to improve students understanding of engineering, and used students expertise to volunteer in the community.

Each semester, IEEE hosted soldering workshops, open to any interested students on campus. During the workshop, students were given the components to create either a Christmas-themed tree or a Valentine's Day themed heart, and the students were guided by IEEE members on how to properly solder.  IEEE also hosted internship talks before career fairs each semester.  The talks consisted of Juniors and Seniors, who had done a variety of internships the past summer, talking about their experiences and offering advice to students looking for internships. 

IEEE had the opportunity to tour a number of local engineering companies during the past year.  The tours were open to any students interested and included Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Hi-Rel Laboratories, and McKay Manufacturing.  The tours gave students an opportunity to learn first-hand about the companies and offered valuable networking experience with the engineers.  IEEE also had the opportunity to attend engineering conferences during the school year.  Five IEEE members traveled to San Jose for a Student Leadership conference where they gained experience in leadership and pitching skills.Two IEEE members were also sent to the IEEE Rising Stars conference in New Vegas where they were able to network with professionals from high-tech companies and were given professional work advice from experienced engineers.

Committed to the Jesuit values taught at Gonzaga, IEEE sought out ways to improve our community. During the spring semester, IEEE worked with CCASL's Campus Kids mentoring program to lead workshops that taught elementary students how quadcopters work and offered the kids hands-on experience flying miniature drones. IEEE also helped run a local high school First Robotics competition.  IEEE members acted as judges and inspectors of the craft and had the opportunity to share their own experiences with local high school students.