SAE Bulldog Mini Baja Goes to Texas

SAE Bulldog Mini Baja
Andrew Asper, Nick Gavenas, Jesse Baker, and Victoria Indaco with Bulldog Baja in El Paso, Texas.

For the first time in 20 years, Gonzaga University Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) members participated in the SAE Collegiate Design Series.

In April, Andrew Asper, Nick Gavenas, Jesse Baker, and Victoria Indaco traveled to the University of Texas-El Paso for Baja SAE UTEP 2014. The club spent two years fundraising, designing, and building the vehicle through combined efforts of SAE and a Senior Design team who designed the vehicle’s suspension system.

Gonzaga’s Bulldog Baja stood out among the competition with its unique trailing front suspension arms and hydraulic drive system. The car passed its Engine, Technical, and Brake Inspections and completed the 4-hour Endurance Race, but was not able to compete in dynamic events due to time constraints.

"Building this car has taught us all more than we could have ever hoped for—design, collaboration, manufacturing, teamwork, patience, hope," said Victoria, Mechanical Engineering junior. Current SAE members are proud to pass this year’s car on to the next generations of students who can adapt the design and compete in future events.

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