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Celebrating Twelve Years of Collaboration with the Power Industry

In 2005 industry representatives approached Gonzaga, concerned regarding the number of senior engineers approaching retirement and a need to train the next generation of power engineers. Since then, more than 350 power engineers have been able to continue working while studying a broad range of topics taught online by experts working in the power industry.

Online Master of Engineering in Transmission and Distribution Engineering

Degree Requirements:  Thirty-six (36) credits total
At least 30 credits must be from the Gonzaga T&D program, including 3 from the TADP 556 Engineering Leadership capstone course. (Students may take this course at any point in their studies. 2018  on-campus dates: March 16 & 17).  Students will choose final projects from three classes to submit for their graduation portfolio. 

Students may take all 36 credits from T&D or they may substitute up to 6 pre-approved transfer credits from an accredited graduate program.

Application: You may apply online through  Under "Online Application" returning students may start their application. New students may create a user ID under "Create Your Account".  There is a $50 non-refundable application fee-this is waived for GU undergraduates & alumni.

Online Open House: Interested in our courses or program but want more information? Contact us for log-in information to our Online Open House and check out samples of our courses, and program and course information.  Email for more information.

About us: In an industry that is projecting substantial increases in transmission investments while facing a dramatic decline in trained transmission and  distribution professionals, this program is exactly what you need to move forward in this exciting field.

Certificate in Transmission & Distribution Engineering

Gonzaga University's School of Engineering and Applied Science is also offering an online Certificate Program in Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Engineering. The certificate consists of any five (3 credit) T&D courses developed through collaboration with practicing utility engineers (Certificate requires a cumulative 3.0 GPA in T&D courses). The eight-week courses are offered online, with flexible scheduling and taught by industry leaders and Gonzaga University engineering faculty.  Please click the T&D Online Certificate link to see details.

Upcoming Courses: 

Spring 2018

Session I - Jan 17 to Mar 9

  • TADP 540 Transmission Line Design - Introduction
  • TADP 641 Power System Analysis
  • TADP 556 Engineering Leadership (Full semester)

Session II - Mar 19 to May 13

  • TADP 542 Substation Design
  • TADP 545 System Protection
  • TADP 640 Transmission Line Design - Advanced

Check out the Program Timeline for course schedules for the upcoming year.

If you have questions, please contact Jilliene McKinstry at (509) 313-5701 or email at

Jilliene McKinstry
Gonzaga University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0026

Transmission or Distribution Track? The program now consists of 14 graduate online courses and students are generally focusing on courses with either a transmission or distribution focus.  Students may take any five of the courses for their certificate but here is a suggestion for each track:

TADP 540 Transmission Line Design- Introduction
TADP 548 Transmission Line Design- Electrical Aspects
TADP 544 Project Development & Construction Methods
TADP 543 Electrical Grid Operations
TADP 640 Transmission Line Design- Advanced
TADP 556 Engineering Leadership (capstone)
TADP 549 Special Topics: TLine Structures


TADP 541 Distribution System Design
TADP 542 Substation Design
TADP 545 System Protection
TADP 547 Underground System Design
TADP 553 System Automation
TADP 641 Power System Analysis
TADP 521 Special Topics: Utility Communications 

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Peter McKenny, PhD
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5702

Jilliene McKinstry
Assistant Director
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5701