TADP 556 Engineering Leadership


TADP 556 Engineering Leadership is the capstone course for the T&D master's degree but may be taken at any time in the student's coursework.  Students are actually encouraged to take the course early in their program of study.  There is an on-campus residency component for this course.  Students will be required to attend a two-day session on Gonzaga's Spokane campus. 

Day One- Students will participate in team exercises and tour the Gonzaga campus, then attend the annual T&D dinner with online faculty.

Day Two- Students will participate in a full day of seminar and group sessions for the Engineering Leadership course.  

Students will do the remainder of their coursework online. 

Introduction and Definition of Leadership (Week 1)
Communication (Week 2)
Systems Thinking (Weeks 3 & 4)
The Ethical Leader (Week 5)
Management skills (Week 6)
Strategic Planning (Week 7)