TADP 547 Underground Design

Offered Fall 2017! (Oct. 23 - Dec. 15)

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Instructor Information:

Brad Hennessy, Senior Project Engineer, POWER Engineers
Frank Frentzas, Transmission Underground Cable Systems, ComEd.

Course Information: This 8-week course provides an introduction to underground power system design.  The course is taught by two instructors with extensive knowledge of underground power system design. Frank Frentzas, is responsible for the Engineering and Design as well as Technical Standards and Specifications pertaining to new or existing Transmission Underground Cable Systems for Exelon Corporation.  Brad Hennessy, PE, is a senior project engineer with POWER Engineers.

 Recent Student Evaluations:

  • This course was an in-depth study of underground cable design and I was pleased with the amount of knowledge I gained.
  • It all came together for me in the end. It really did cover most aspects of underground power design.
  • We will need to be replacing our submarine cables in the near future and the resources I have from this course will be extremely beneficial in that regard.
  • The major benefit was learning about the design, operation and maintenance of SCFF cable systems.  Other specific areas include: 1)  Application of link boxes for SVLs, surge arrestors and bonding; 2) Commissioning and maintenance testing.
  • The final project was very helpful. It really made me think of how I would approach a project if I were the lead engineer. I liked the opportunity of having to figure it all out on my own.
  • The final project required us to use information we received throughout the course and apply it to a real-world scenario.
  • I think I enjoyed the installation practice and application considerations of weeks 5 & 6 the most, but I liked all the material.

Course Description/Objectives: In weeks one through three, students will gain an in introduction to cable systems, types of systems, manufacturing practices and manufacturing standards. They will learn the uses and design parameters of the equipment needed for an underground system design. In week four, Frank will lead students through basic underground cable design and in week five, students will study installation practices for both transmission and distribution projects.

In week six, the course will cover application considerations such as hydraulic pressures, commissioning and industry standards.  In week seven, students will review an underground system case study from start to finish that will lead to the final project of replacing  a Low Pressure Fluid Filled system and upgrading a High Pressure Fluid Filled system.  Students will have to submit design considerations such as type of  cable  used, manhole spacing and pulling considerations.

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