TADP 544 Project Development and Construction Methods

Offered Fall 2017!

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Course Instructors: 
Dennis Wick, Integrated Logistics Planning and Management, Boeing
Dave James, Distribution Engineering Manager, Avista
Norm Smith, Ret. ILB Heavy Transmission Division

Course Information:  3 credits.  System planning, project development, project proposals, initiation, scheduling, cost management, resource management, permitting authorities, land rights acquisition, overview of contracts, contractor selection, Gantt tracking.

 students will learn the latest construction methods

Industry experts will teach students the latest construction methods used in different settings.

Online coursework with Blackboard software allows students to view multi-media presentations and interact with industry leaders and other students. 

Course Description/Objectives:  The purpose of this course is to introduce students to typical project development and construction processes.  It has been developed for students with a degree in electrical, mechanical or civil engineering and an interest in electric utility-type projects.  The course has been divided into four modules containing presentations on the following topics:

  • Typical Transmission Design Project Planning (conductors, land owner rights, foundations and structures)
  • New Line Projects (design criteria and structure types)
  • Line Upgrades
  • Project Alternatives (case studies and permits)
  • Pre-Project Planning (scheduling, costing, procurement, scope)
  • Technical Specification Development (clearing and access, foundations, structure, frame, stringing, and sag)

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