TADP 540 Transmission Line Design Introduction

Offered Spring 2018!

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Course Information:
This course is the first of two line design courses, and is intended to provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of transmission and distribution line design. The course has been developed for students with a degree in electrical, mechanical or civil engineering and work experience in the utility (or related) industry. The purpose of the course is to teach students the basic process for designing an overhead transmission (or distribution) line. The course is divided into five modules. The modules will be taught sequentially in the order needed to complete a line design. Each module will contain multiple presentations that cover various topics. Modules also emphasize key elements (or steps) in the basic line design process. These elements are:

  1. Terrain and Alignment
  2. Loading
  3. Conductors
  4. Structures
  5. Foundations
  6. Structure Spotting
  7. Line Design & Analysis
  8. Construction Package

Course Description/Objectives:  Course assignments begin with fundamental exercises to establish a line route. After the line route is established, an actual line design will be developed and loads based on design criteria, standards, wire tensions, and weather inputs will be applied. Structure and foundation evaluations will then be performed from the load data. Once the structures and the foundations are evaluated, students will then spot (or locate) structures along the alignment.

Finally, clearance analysis and other verifications of an acceptable line design will be performed and the resulting design artifacts will be produced to complete a simple construction package. Course assignments will involve the use of survey data, drawings, mathematical formulas, and manufacturers' data.

 Terrain Data The use of online, Blackboard software allows students to interact with faculty and other students from anywhere in the world. 

Recent Student Evaluations: 

  • I would highly recommend TADP 540 to anyone interested in an introduction to transmission line siting and design.   It was a very worthwhile experience.
  • The final project was a very helpful learning experience.   With its completion, it went a long way toward rounding out the entire transmission line siting and design process.  
  • The discussion boards were an invaluable asset and great addition to the learning experience.  
  • One thing that was entirely new to me was the structure spotting exercise.   That proved more difficult than anticipated because of the number of simultaneous constraints that are imposed on the spotting process. Another thing that was/is new to me is conductor and insulator selection based upon line voltage.
  • Favorite part- getting an overall exposure to the many nuances of designing a transmission line - technical and social/political, etc.  Regarding the final -- while learning and better understanding the concepts is completely appropriate -- I now know that I'd prefer to not have to spot structures by hand as a regular "day job"!
The Transmission Line Design- Introduction course is taught by practicing engineers from the T&D industry.   TLine Introduction

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