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Certificate in Transmission & Distribution Engineering

Gonzaga University's School of Engineering and Applied Science is also offering an online Certificate Program in Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Engineering. The certificate consists of any five (3 credit) T&D courses developed through collaboration with practicing utility engineers (Certificate requires a cumulative 3.0 GPA in T&D courses). The eight-week courses are offered online, with flexible scheduling and taught by industry leaders and Gonzaga University engineering faculty.

May I Take Any Courses?
Yes, the program now consists of 14 graduate online courses and students may take any five for their certificate.  Students are generally focusing on courses with either a transmission or distribution focus but we encourage students to take courses which best fit their professional needs. 

Will Certificate Courses Count Toward the Master's?
Yes, all 15 credits taken for the T&D Certificate may be used toward the Master's degree. Earning the certificate will not guarantee admission to the Master's and students may only transfer up to 15 credits from the certificate to the Master's.

Do I Need to Apply to the Certificate Program?
No, students may take all 15 credits (5 courses) as a non-matriculated student.  Non-matriculated students may register on a course by course basis using the non-matriculated Certificate Registration Form.

TADP 540 Transmission Line Design- Introduction
TADP 548 Transmission Line Design- Electrical Aspects
TADP 544 Project Development & Construction Methods
TADP 543 Electrical Grid Operations
TADP 640 Transmission Line Design- Advanced
TADP 556 Engineering Leadership (appropriate for both tracks)
TADP 549 Transmission Line Structures

TADP 541 Distribution System Design
TADP 542 Substation Design
TADP 545 System Protection
TADP 547 Underground System Design
TADP 553 System Automation
TADP 641 Power System Analysis
TADP 521 Utility Communications

Certificate Pre-Requisites:
B.S. Degree in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical or other engineering field recommended.  Employment in electric utility or related industry recommended.

Students will be able to register and take these courses online from anywhere in the world and have immediate access to high quality education from industry and academic experts. The program offers cutting-edge training in an affordable program that typically takes one year to complete. The courses are normal Gonzaga graduate tuition ($2910 per 3 credit course for the 2017-2018 school year). There is a university technology fee, [$70 for part time (3 credits) and $130 for fulltime (6 credits)], plus the cost of textbooks.

Certificate Enrollment Information:
You may fill out a non-matriculated student registration form and return to:

Jilliene McKinstry
Gonzaga University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0026

If you have questions, please contact Jilliene McKinstry at (509) 313-5701 or email at mckinstry@gonzaga.edu.

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Transmission and Distribution
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Jilliene McKinstry
Assistant Director
Transmission and Distribution
Phone: (509) 313-5701
Email: mckinstry@gonzaga.edu