Mechanical Engineering

Student Projects and Competitions

The Department encourages its students to enter regional and national competitions. These normally occur during the senior year when all students participate in design projects administered by the School's Center for Engineering Design (CED). Some competitions, such as the Mini-Baja, are open to students in all class years. In most cases, student travel costs for these competitions are underwritten by the Department, the student section of ASME, or the national ASME. Recent competitions our majors have entered include:

ASME Technical Poster Competition: A regional competition held at the ASME Regional Student Conference (RSC) against other Northwest universities, we usually have the maximum allowable two entries. Our students' presentations, based on their CED projects, have placed in three of the last four years, two of which were first place wins.

ASME Oral Presentation Competition: Also a regional competition at the RSC, the winner goes on to compete at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE). Our students have placed in four of the last five competitions, and two have been won by our students, one of whom also won the national. These too are based on CED projects.

ASME Micro-Baja Competition: In this regional RSC competition, students build and race radio-controlled vehicles. Our students have entered two of the last three competitions, placing in one. This competition is not connected to our CED projects and is open to any student member of ASME.

Hydro Power Contest: Held at the annual Hydro Vision Conference and Exposition, this very technical national competition requires the design, fabrication, and testing of hydraulic turbines. We have entered the last three years and our students' designs, created as CED projects and entered in the efficiency division, took first place all three years. For more information about this competition visit; there you will see photos of Gonzaga's winning entry of last summer, a list of schools who have competed in past years, what the prizes were, and who the past winners were.

Mini-Baja Competition: An annual competition sponsored by SAE wherein student teams design, fabricate, and race small off-road vehicles at a national student conference. An occasional participant in this competition, the Department currently has a team in the early stages of a new design.

Safety Engineering Design Contest: Hosted by the ASME Safety Engineering Division and awarded at the IMECE, this competition involves designs that have special safety considerations. Designs from our CED projects have resulted in a second place and all first place wins for the last three years.

Lincoln Foundation Awards: Each year the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation awards a number of national prizes for designs that incorporate arc welded structures. We have entered this competition in each of the last two years and our students won awards both time.

ASME Manufacturing Design Competition: A national competition held at the IMECE, students submit technical papers in the field of manufacturing .

Information about these competitions may be obtained from the Department Chair.

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